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LG is a compact multifunctional BD player with a width of 27 cm. About 14,000 yen

LG Electronics Japan will release a compact BD player "BP350Q" with a width of 27 cm, a depth of 19.5 cm, and a height of 4.3 cm from the beginning of July. The price is open, and the estimated store price is around 14,000 yen.

A BD player with a width smaller than A4 size and features a compact size that can be installed in various places. 

In addition to BD / DVD video and music CDs, it supports playback of BD-R / RE, DVD-R / -RW / + R / + RW, and CD-R / -RW. You can also play back content (finalize required) recorded in VR mode, AVCHD, or AVCREC format. It does not support 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray or 3D Blu-ray.

It is equipped with a function to up-convert low-resolution videos and DVD videos to HD resolution. It also generates an audio file from a music CD, and the music CD being played can be saved as an audio file (MP3 format / 192kbps) on a USB memory or hard disk connected to the USB terminal.

In addition to playing files from USB memory / HDD, if you prepare with a USB cable, you will also have a function to play videos, images, and audio files on your Android device. However, Android mirroring is not supported.

Supported video codecs are H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG1 SS, MPEG2 PS, MPEG2 TS, VC-1 SM (WMV3), and Xvid (audio formats: AC3, DTS, MP3, WMA, AAC). Audio formats are mp3, WMA, Wav, FLAC, m4a, Ogg, and AIFF. Image formats are jpg, jpeg, png, and gif.

It comes with a wireless module. If you connect to the network, you can perform BD-Live interactive functions and YouTube playback.

  1. One HDMI output and one USB terminal are available. 
  2. Power consumption is 12W. 
  3. Weight is 0.85kg. 
  4. Remote control, HDMI cable, etc.


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