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World share ranking of PC version Web browser What is the share rate of "overwhelming champion" Chrome and the status of other services?

With the end of support for "Internet Explorer" (Internet Explorer, IE) that Microsoft (MS) has been providing since 1995, "Web browsers" are attracting attention. Following the overall ranking, including smartphones and tablets, when checking the world share (as of the end of May) of the PC version Web browser on the Web analysis site "StatCounter," "Chrome" was ranked first. "Edge" (2nd place) and "Safari" (3rd place) followed respectively.

 Chrome is a web browser released by Google in September 2008 and characterized by its fast display speed and high-security level. The share rate was an impressive 66.16%, overwhelming other services such as Edge (10.12%), which MS made the successor service of IE, and Safari (9.14%), which is the standard browser of Apple's Mac OS. It is easy to develop related services, and it seems that the high versatility that users can freely customize by using "extended functions" is also a factor that boasts an overwhelming market share.

● "Internet Explorer," which was once the "overwhelming champion."

 Chrome is now the "overwhelming champion," but when it was released, the main browser in the world was IE, which ended support on the 16th. Looking at the share rate of January 2009, which is the oldest in StatCounter, the share rate of IE at that time was 65.41%. In contrast, Chrome was 1.38%.

 However, Chrome rapidly expanded its market share, and in December 2011, it surpassed "Firefox" (25.27%), which had the second-largest market share, to record 27.27%. It jumped to second place in the claim. On the other hand, IE has a slow display speed, it is challenging to develop related services with its specifications, and the number of users is decreasing due to security vulnerabilities. In June 2012, Chrome (32.76%) overtook IE (32.31%) to take the top share. Since then, Chrome has continued to expand its market share without giving up the top and continues to the present day.

 As of the end of May, "Firefox" (7.66%), "Opera" (2.8%), and "IE" (1.65%) were ranked 4th or lower in the world market share ranking.

● Edge's domestic market share is doubled. "Firefox" has the third-largest market share.

 What is the market share in Japan? The first place was Chrome (61.11%), as well as the world ranking. Edge (21.49%), Firefox (7.42%), Safari (5.67%), IE (2.56%), and Opera (0.73%) came in second place.

 Compared to the world share ranking, Edge's share rate increased from 10.12% to 21.49%, doubling. In Japan, IE is often used in internal systems, mainly in government offices, and it seems that the usage rate of Edge is high due to such a background. One of the characteristics of Japan's ranking is that Firefox, nicknamed "Firefox," which is a literal translation of the service name, has a high usage rate.

 MS has made IE unbootable at the end of this support. In the future, Edge will start automatically when using IE. Will Edge's share increase in Japan after June, or will Chrome further increase its share? It seems to attract attention.


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